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NTSC underwriter companies include some of the technology security industry’s leading thinkers and researchers. Here, we offer you a library of featured whitepapers that talk about important CISO-related technology security trends, challenges, and issues.

Cybersecurity: The 2022 Board Perspective Report

Proofpoint, in collaboration with Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan, surveyed 600 board directors from around the world, inviting them to share their experiences and insights.


Microsoft's position on evolving zero trust deployment in response to transitions to remote and hybrid work in parallel with a growing intensity and sophistication of cyberattacks.

Zero Trust: A new era of security

Organizations that fail to evolve from traditional defenses are much more vulnerable to breaches. As such, organizations can no longer draw traditional perimeters around their networks and expect to stay secure. Fortunately, there is a way forward: Zero Trust.

Zero Trust Maturity Model

In this document, we will share guiding principles for implementing a Zero Trust security model and a maturity model to help assess your Zero Trust readiness and plan your own implementation journey. While every organization is different and each journey will be unique, we hope the Microsoft Zero Trust Maturity Model will expedite your progress.

Passwordless: What’s It Worth

Passwords are a thing of the past. Join Bret Arsenault, Microsoft CISO, and Joy Chik, CVP of Identity, as they talk about the cost of going passwordless.

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