Juniper Networks’ Laurence Pitt Talks About NIST Cybersecurity Framework in Dark Reading Article

Laurence Pitt, Global Security Strategy Director at Juniper Networks, recently published an article in Dark Reading titled “A Sneak Peek at the New NIST Cybersecurity Framework.” He discusses some key features of the version 1.1 updates of the NIST draft that’s currently circulating for public review with a planned spring release. Pitt points out three key features of this draft:

  • “The new version of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework will introduce simple descriptions and definitions for identifying all the stakeholders and associated cyber-risks in an organizational supply chain.”
  • “There is now a revised section on measuring and demonstrating cybersecurity effectiveness, along with a new section on self-assessing cyber-risk.”
  • “[The Identity & Access Control] section has been revised to provide more clarity around concepts like user authentication, authorization and identity-proofing.”

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