Become a Board Member

The National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC) is the only organization dedicated toward unifying the collective voice of CISOs across all industries around national cybersecurity policy standards.

Become part of our national CISO coalition by joining the NTSC Board of Directors.

By joining, you are investing in the CISO community and ensuring that you and your peers have a voice in Washington D.C. The NTSC helps ensure that the CISO community has the ability to impact cybersecurity policy and legislation at a national level. A united CISO voice is more powerful and influential than going it alone.

As an NTSC Board Member, you will participate in our advocacy efforts, learn about the latest cybersecurity policy trends at our events and roundtables, and gain access to some of the nation’s leading subject matter experts who serve on our NTSC Advisory Council and NTSC Policy Council.

We need to fight our adversaries as a team. No single company can spearhead the level of change that we need for even just the US microcosm alone—much less the global microcosm. The NTSC is one of the very few groups that allow for this kind of focused, high-level, peer-to-peer networking and collaboration that includes closed-door sessions with just CISOs where everybody in the room is at the same level of understanding about what needs to be done. - Jason Witty, SVP & CISO, US Bank

NTSC Board Member Benefits

As a member of our Board of Directors, the NTSC offers you the following benefits:

Participation in National Advocacy Efforts

Representing the collective voice of the CISO, members have the opportunity to develop and influence the NTSC’s policy agenda. You will also stay informed about current and anticipated legislative and regulatory policies that may impact the role of the CISO and the cybersecurity industry.

Positive Public Relations for Your Company

As a respected and credible resource for national cybersecurity policies in Washington D.C., our activities are featured in national news organizations and publications with additional promotion through social media. We’re always raising awareness about the NTSC’s policy priorities and publishing thought leadership about industry trends. Through those efforts, we frequently mention the participation of our Board Members in our press releases, articles, and news items about our advocacy efforts.

Connect with Cybersecurity Industry Peers, Influencers, and Thought Leaders

Board Members have the opportunity to make valuable and important connections with their CISO peers, senior technology executives, and industry stakeholders who are knowledgeable and passionate about national cybersecurity policy.

I would encourage CISOs to take a serious look at the NTSC. Turner has gotten so much back from our participation with the NTSC. We aggressively look forward to paying our dues because we want to continue being a part of this organization—not only contributing financially but also contributing to the NTSC’s endgame. I participate in many CISO groups and organizations, but this is the most rewarding professional organization that I’ve found so far. - Pete Chronis, CISO, Turner


If you are a CISO interested in serving on the NTSC Board of Directors, please reach out to us.

While CISOs working at Fortune 1000 companies and academic institutions are an ideal fit for our organization, we are also open to inviting CISOs from select organizations who are in a great position to support our mission. (All candidates’ nominations must be approved by the NTSC Board of Directors.)

If you are not a CISO but interested in participating with the NTSC, consider: