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2022 Western Regional CISO Policy Roundtable – Seattle, WA

November 10, 2022

The NTSC will host our finally live event for 2022, the Western Regional CISO Policy Roundtable in Seattle, WA on November 10th at the Microsoft Technology Center in Bellevue.

On the heels of the midterm elections, this roundtable will consist of three separate panel discussions on varied current events including, next step in working towards a federal privacy mandate, results of the election and potential implications for the future of cyber governance and legislation in the new congressional session, and the reality of the cyber talent shortage and what advise young cyber professionals have for senior management to encourage more young professionals to see themselves in cyber.

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2022 UK International CISO Policy Roundtable – London, England

October 20, 2022

This roundtable event will be a four-part session to discuss cyber incident reporting requirements in the UK and U.S., challenges CISO's are currently facing as outlined in Proofpoint's recently published "2022 Voice of the CISO" report, and real-world case scenarios in securing an environment post-security breach and guidance to help you prevent a breach in the first place.

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2022 Central Regional CISO Policy Roundtable – Chicago, IL

September 14, 2022

On September 14th, the National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC) will host our Central Regional CISO Policy Roundtable in Chicago, IL, welcoming CISOs and senior technology security executives from across the nation to discuss national cybersecurity legislative and policy issues affecting the CISO community.

Our guests will hear from cybersecurity policy experts and government agency executive leaders about the role of CISA in working with the private sector to help better prepare to defend your enterprise against cyber adversaries, key issues associated with engaging and enabling employees in order for organization to retain highly skilled talent, and best practices in defending against ransomware attacks.

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2022 Northeast Regional CISO Policy Roundtable – New York, NY

May 18, 2022

The National Technology Security Coalition’s 2022 Northeast Regional CISO Policy Roundtable brings together senior technology security executives in an exclusive setting to talk about trends in national cybersecurity policy.

The opening session will be led by Rear Admiral (Ret.) Mark Montgomery, Senior Director at the Center on Cyber & Technology Innovation (CCTI), Senior Fellow at Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), and the Executive Director of as he discusses the CSC 2.0 Project (, which was created to support continued efforts to implement outstanding CSC recommendations, provide annual assessments of the implementation of CSC recommendation, and conduct research and analysis on several outstanding cybersecurity issues identified by the CSC during its tenure.

For the second session, we will be joined by Kelly Bissell, Corporate Vice President for Security Services at Microsoft. As one of Microsoft’s more recent recruits, Kelly will describe his motivation to join Microsoft after a stellar stint at Accenture, where he led Accenture’s Global Security Practice. Kelly will also share with us his thoughts on the future of cybersecurity and what we need to do to ensure “collective defense” becomes a reality.

The third session will discuss the possibility that a cyber event could trigger severe instability or collapse of an entire industry or the economy. For many, systemic cyber risk is a vague concept, but what is systemic cyber risk? How should it be defined, and more importantly, how can we prepare for it? Join us as our expert panel moderated by Emilian Papadopoulos, President of Good Harbor Security Management. Emilian will be joined by Lucia Milica, Vice President & Global Resident Chief Information Security Officer for Proofpoint, Kelly Bissell, and Rear Admiral (Ret.) Mark Montgomery.

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2022 Southeast Regional CISO Policy Roundtable – Atlanta, GA

February 16, 2022

Southeast Regional CISO Policy Roundtable

The National Technology Security Coalition’s 2022 Southeast Regional CISO Policy Roundtable brings together senior technology security executives in an exclusive setting to talk about trends in national cybersecurity policy. Our opening session will focus on the face of growing threats to our nation's critical infrastructure from hackers and other malicious actors, which is pushing the need for skilled cybersecurity professionals to an all-time high. Dr. Joye Purser, Region 4 Director for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), will be joined by her colleagues Stanton Gatewood, Cybersecurity State Coordinator for Georgia (CISA), and Cassandra Dacus, President of the Atlanta Chapter of Cyversity, to discuss the future of the information security workforce. Our second session will address some of the more recent attacks, including SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline, and Logj4, and how they have elevated the current role of the CISO. It is now up to the CISO to communicate the importance of a deep and broad cybersecurity defense in the boardroom. Join us for this panel discussion moderated by Lucia Milica, Vice President and Global Resident CISO for Proofpoint. Lucia will be joined by Kristin Cornish, Director of Global Cybersecurity at The Coca Cola Company, Deborah Wheeler, CISO for Delta Airlines, and Kelly Bissell, Global Cybersecurity Lead at Accenture.

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September 2020 NTSC CISO Policy Roundtable – Virtual Event

September 29, 2020

From Disruption to Reimagining - Creating Positive Change for the Future of Learning

The National Technology Security Coalition’s 2020 CISO Policy Roundtable brings together senior technology security executives in an exclusive setting to talk about trends in national cybersecurity policy. Students graduating across the 2030s will need the skills to navigate uncertainty in civic and work life. To prepare them for a fulfilling future, education is evolving to be competency-based and open-walled, using technology as a mechanism for collaboration, social connectedness, and culture building. The current public health crisis has placed incredible demands upon parents, children, and the education community. Education leaders are working to bring their schools and communities through the disruption of the traditional learning model into a reimagined system that is engaging, accessible, and equitable for all students.

Technology has played a critical role in enabling students to stay connected, engaged, and motivated. Teachers around the world are continuing the learning journey for their classes by integrating video, game-based learning, and powerful collaboration tools into their virtual lessons, and students are experiencing a new type of learning, which will have an important, lasting impact. Institutional leaders have told us that going online was about more than remote instruction – it was about implementing solutions that would keep departments running smoothly and evolve with the changing needs of students and staff.

As we look to the next school year and beyond, system leaders, educators, faculty, students, and families will apply what they’ve learned throughout the process and work together to plan and shape the future of education. Join VP of Microsoft Education Barbara Holzapfel and a panel of education leaders for a discussion of what we know about the skills and requirements students will need for the jobs of the future, and how education is adapting and repivoting in response to the current backdrop of health, economic, and humanitarian challenges.

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