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The National Technology Security Coalition’s 2nd Annual DC Fly-In Offers CISOs Opportunity to Share Policy Priorities with Lawmakers

Friday, July 13, 2018

ATLANTA, GA (July 13, 2018) – On July 18, 2018, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and other cybersecurity stakeholders from across the United States will attend the second annual National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC) DC Fly-In. Attendees of the fly-in will speak with members of Congress and congressional staffers about policy issues impacting the CISO community and the cybersecurity industry.

This year’s DC Fly-In calls for action and policy priorities include:

  • National Data Breach Notification Legislation: The NTSC supports the enactment of a meaningful and uniform federal national data breach notification law that is consistent, predictable, and feasible about how an affected person shall be notified.
  • Public-Private Intelligence Information Sharing: The NTSC promotes information sharing partnerships to create a more robust and resilient cybersecurity alliance that protects both the private and public sectors’ critical infrastructure from cyber threats.
  • Federal Government’s Role in Cyber Deterrence: The NTSC supports a proactive offensive posture by USCYBERCOM toward cyber adversaries focused on inflicting harm on the United States and our allies. We also strongly encourage close collaboration with the private sector in developing strategies that could impact private sector assets.

“The NTSC’s core membership now includes 35 CISOs from Fortune 1000 companies and academic institutions from across the United States who represent a wide cross-section of industries,” said Patrick Gaul, Executive Director of the NTSC. “Advocating on behalf of CISOs is critically important because they offer a practical point of view about cybersecurity for lawmakers in Washington D.C. Over the past year, our visibility on Capitol Hill has increased as the NTSC has become a credible trusted policy advisor with Congress and federal agencies. Legislators now regularly ask for our coalition’s input about various cybersecurity policies. We look forward to our discussions with legislators on July 18 as CISOs offer insights and guidance about national cybersecurity laws, regulations, and policies.”

About the National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC)

The National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that serves as the preeminent advocacy voice for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) across the nation. Through dialogue, education, and government relations, we unite both public and private sector stakeholders around policies that improve national cybersecurity standards and awareness.

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