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National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC) Releases “Toward Collective Defense: How DHS Is Helping CISOs and the Private Sector Protect Against Cyberattacks” Whitepaper

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

ATLANTA, GA (January 9, 2018) – Today, the National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC) published a whitepaper titled “Toward Collective Defense: How DHS Is Helping CISOs and the Private Sector Protect Against Cyberattacks.” This whitepaper reviews the DHS’s recent evolution and key priorities over the last year, gives an overview of what services DHS offers to help CISOs and security teams share cyber threat intelligence, and explains why participating with DHS helps strengthen a company’s security posture and improves national security.

“While CISOs have raised some legitimate concerns about partnering with DHS in the past, I’ve also found recently that many anecdotes and perceptions do not align with where DHS is now,” said Patrick Gaul, Executive Director of the NTSC. “Based on dialogue I’ve witnessed at NTSC events between CISOs and DHS along with important information we’ve gleaned about new and evolving DHS information sharing programs, I felt it was important to set the record straight and offer a fresh perspective about what DHS has to offer CISOs. While remaining objective and critical, I also point out in this whitepaper that the cybersecurity context has significantly changed in just a few years. In 2019, partnering with DHS is not only beneficial to companies but also a matter of strengthening national security.”

This whitepaper will offer CISOs, CIOs, and other security executives:

  • An overview of DHS’s evolution in 2018, including significant advancements in the federal government’s overall cybersecurity strategy.
  • How the cybersecurity landscape has changed since Automated Indicator Sharing’s (AIS) inception in 2015.
  • Historical CISO concerns and perceptions about DHS, and why they originated.
  • An overview of various DHS programs and services including AIS, incident reporting and response teams, vulnerability scanning and assessments, the Cyber Information Sharing and Collaboration Program (CISCP), Enhanced Cybersecurity Services (ECS), and ISAOs.
  • How AIS is eliminating past problems and becoming more valuable to the private sector.

Stemming from discussion at NTSC events and roundtable discussions, this whitepaper is an example of the NTSC’s mission to promote dialogue, education, and government relations between the public and private sector. The NTSC encourages dialogue about cybersecurity issues, laws, and regulations through advocacy engagement with congressional members, regional CISO policy roundtables, and an annual DC Fly-In as part of its National CISO Policy Conference. An organization like the NTSC helps bridge the gap between the needs of the private sector with the current and future capabilities of DHS. To date, we have relayed feedback from CISOs to DHS about its problems and invited speakers from DHS to directly engage with our members and event attendees—and will continue to do so in 2019.

About the National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC)

The National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC) is a non-profit, on-partisan organization that serves as the preeminent advocacy voice for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) across the nation. Through dialogue, education, and government relations, we unite both public and private sector stakeholders around policies that improve national cybersecurity standards and awareness.

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