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CyberHub USA Co-Founder and CMO James Azar Joins the National Technology Security Coalition’s Advisory Council

Monday, October 1, 2018

ATLANTA, GA (October 1, 2018) – James Azar, Co-Founder and CMO of CyberHub USA and host of CyberHub Engage, has joined the National Technology Security Coalition’s (NTSC) Advisory Council. The NTSC Advisory Council serves as a forum for national cybersecurity policy leaders, technology executives, and vendor companies to discuss national policy issues that impact their ability to conduct business. They also help guide the NTSC Board’s involvement with advocacy initiatives.

“As I’ve talked to experts through the CyberHub Engage podcast and my experiences with the CyberHub Academy and CyberHub Summit, I keep hearing about the challenges and frustrations of the cybersecurity community concerning the need for better national cybersecurity laws and policies,” said Azar. “This is not a time for legislators to get detached from the perspectives of CISOs and security practitioners. As a member of the NTSC Advisory Council, I am excited to help the NTSC’s advocacy efforts in Washington D.C. by joining such a distinguished group of security industry leaders and experts.”

Azar is a successful entrepreneur, nationally recognized speaker, and thought leader in the fields of cybersecurity, blockchain, IoT and FinTech. He is the co-founder of CyberHub USA, which operates CyberHub Summit and CyberHub Academy where Azar serves as CMO. Azar is also the Host of the CyberHub Engage podcast, considered one of the leading cybersecurity podcasts today. As the President of BHNV Ventures, Azar oversees a private fund that invests in early stage innovative companies in cybersecurity, blockchain, and FinTech.

“James’s thought leadership and knowledge about cybersecurity is immense, and he has established himself as an important voice in our industry through his entrepreneurism, investments, training, events, and CyberHub Engage podcast,” said Patrick Gaul, Executive Director of the NTSC. “Passionate and opinionated, James adds an essential voice and tireless cybersecurity advocate to our NTSC Advisory Council. I am honored that James chose to join our mission and help us advise the CISOs on our Board of Directors.”

The NTSC Advisory Council plays a key role in driving the national dialogue in respect to promoting the development of technology security solutions and policies. The Advisory Council serves as the ombudsman helping to connect the NTSC Board of Directors to relevant service providers, sponsors, policy experts, educators, practitioners, security authorities, and other stakeholders. Through its expertise and guidance, the Advisory Council supports the advancement of the NTSC and helps assure that the organization achieves its mission.

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