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Advanced Cybersecurity Group Principal Geoff Hancock Joins the National Technology Security Coalition’s Advisory Board

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

ATLANTA, GA (August 22, 2018) – Geoff Hancock, Principal of Advanced Cybersecurity Group, has joined the National Technology Security Coalition’s (NTSC) Advisory Board. The NTSC Advisory Board serves as a forum for national cybersecurity policy leaders, technology executives, and vendor companies to discuss national policy issues that impact their ability to conduct business. They also help guide the NTSC Board’s involvement with advocacy initiatives.

“More than ever, we need cybersecurity dialogue between the public and private sector about an increasing list of CISO concerns including cyber threat intelligence sharing, cyber deterrence, and national cybersecurity policy standards,” said Hancock. “In recent years, the federal government has shown more interest in working with the private sector while CISOs realize they cannot fend off increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks without federal help. The NTSC is the ideal organization to help bridge the gap between the public and private sector through creating and encouraging opportunities for cybersecurity policy dialogue. As a member of the Advisory Board, I am excited to leverage my experience toward helping the NTSC advocate for national cybersecurity policy that moves our industry forward.”

As Principal at the Advanced Cybersecurity Group, Hancock leads the organization in the development of cybersecurity best practices for commercial and federal customers. Hancock has spent 25 years in cybersecurity. His experience includes active defense, cyber intelligence, conducting offensive cyber operations, managing investigations, and developing threat modeling programs across the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, civilian agencies, and corporations. He has held positions as CISO, CTO, and VP, and his experience ranges from policy advisement and creation to cyber operations.

“As a national cybersecurity expert often called to testify on Capitol Hill, Geoff Hancock has served as a CISO, built and run security operations centers, and worked with the UN and various nations on national security and cybersecurity issues,” said Patrick Gaul, Executive Director of the NTSC. “And I’m just scratching the surface of his experience. More importantly for the NTSC, Geoff has advised Senate and Congressional officials about national cybersecurity issues while also serving as an advisor to CISOs. He deeply understands cybersecurity policy from both a public and private sector viewpoint, and his presence on the NTSC Advisory Board adds an important voice alongside our other distinguished board members who are helping advance our mission.”

The NTSC Advisory Board plays a key role in driving the national dialogue in respect to promoting the development of technology security solutions and policies. The Advisory Board serves as the ombudsman helping to connect the NTSC Board of Directors to relevant service providers, sponsors, policy experts, educators, practitioners, security authorities, and other stakeholders. Through its expertise and guidance, the Advisory Board supports the advancement of the NTSC and helps assure that the organization achieves its mission.

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