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Advanced Cybersecurity Group’s Geoff Hancock to Keynote NTSC National CISO Policy Conference

Monday, July 2, 2018

ATLANTA, GA (July 2, 2018) – Geoff Hancock, Principal of Advanced Cybersecurity Group, will keynote the 2nd Annual NTSC National CISO Policy Conference in Washington D.C. His talk, “Active Cyber Defense for the Private Sector CISO,” will discuss the importance of both cyber threat intelligence and cyber deterrence as they pertain to active cyber defense.

“After major cybersecurity breaches and ransomware attacks, companies are getting angry and considering ways to fight back,” said Hancock. “Many want to ‘hack back.’ However, that is very risky. Business executives and CISOs have received many conflicting signals about what is legal and what is not. A change in policy needs to happen along with a clear understanding of the difference between hacking back and active cyber defense.”

As CEO at the Advanced Cybersecurity Group, Hancock leads the organization in the development of cybersecurity best practices for commercial and federal customers. Hancock has spent 25 years in cybersecurity. His experience includes active defense, cyber intelligence, conducting offensive cyber operations, managing investigations, and developing threat modeling programs across the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, civilian agencies, and corporations. He has held positions as CISO, CTO, and VP, and his experience ranges from policy advisement and creation to cyber operations.

Hancock serves on several federal and commercial task forces advising on operations, intelligence, investigations, active defense, and cyber deterrence. He currently serves as a Senior Fellow at the George Washington Center for Cybersecurity where he advises policymakers and corporations. He is Chairman of the Federal CIO/CISO Alliance, Co-Chair of the Cyber Intelligence Task Force at the Intelligence National Security Alliance, and an advisor and contributor to CISO Magazine.

“The subject of active defense is of high interest among CISOs, even as no clear policy path forward exists at the moment,” said Patrick Gaul, Executive Director of the NTSC. “Geoff’s experience with both the federal government and the CISO community gives him a unique perspective from which to analyze and discuss active defense in the spirit of balancing the concerns of different stakeholders. His keynote to kick off the conference will serve as a great launching point for the day’s discussion as other speakers delve further into cyber threat intelligence sharing and cyber deterrence.”

Hancock will join a lineup of speakers and panelists including CISOs, cybersecurity policy experts, elected officials, and government agency executive leaders. Keynotes and panel discussions will cover public-private intelligence information sharing, national cybersecurity deterrence strategies, data privacy and security regulations, cybersecurity education and workforce development, and multicloud and its impact on public policy.

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