Podcast Interviews from the TAG / NTSC Active Cyber Defense Challenge Event

Podcast Interviews from the TAG / NTSC Active Cyber Defense Challenge Event

At last month’s TAG / NTSC Active Cyber Defense Challenge event, we had the good fortune to feature some live interviews conducted by James Azar, host of the CyberHub Engage podcast. The interviews tied into many themes related to active cyber defense and what our panelists discussed (and attendees experienced!) at this event.

The Success Behind a CISO

Franklin Donahoe, Managing Member of the Donahoe Advisory Group and a member of the Lynx Technology Partners Board of Directors, talks about what made him successful as a CISO, what’s changed in the CISO role over the years, and how the CISO aligns with the business.

How Can the Private Sector Work Better with the Public in the Cybersecurity Space?

One of our distinguished panelists at the TAG / NTSC Active Cyber Defense Challenge event was Maj. Gen. Patricia A. Frost (Ret.), former Director of Cyber, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, U.S. Army. In this interview, she talks about her experiences as Army Cyber Director, the important of defending critical infrastructure, and the relationship the private sector has with the federal government—and how it can improve.

Georgia is the Gateway to Business in the United States

While we are a nationally focused organization, the NTSC is headquartered in Georgia and has a bit of local pride about our state serving as an important information security hub. In this interview, Julie Bryant Fisher, Chief Experience Officer of the Technology Association of Georgia, discusses the cybersecurity community in Atlanta and the overall impact Georgia has on the information security industry both nationally and worldwide.

Thanks once again to NTSC Advisory Board member James Azar, Co-Founder and CMO of CyberHub USA, for conducting these interviews. Check out the CyberHub Engage podcast for more cybersecurity interviews and discussions.